COMIC STORES and DISTRIBUTORS! One day (sooner rather than later), FKT (pronounced "fucked") is going to be recognized as something totally bad ass. Be there at the beginning. My 82-year-old dad and I have already released a year's worth of FKTs since last May, one a month. We're finishing up on FKT #13 now (out May) and already working on FKT #14 and FKT #15 as well.


If you'd like to buy in bulk to promote and sell FKT at your store, e-mail us at Price list on the right. We sell the issue for $10 to readers (more online due to shipping).
25-100 issues                  $5 an issue
101-250 issues                $4 an issue
251+                              $3 an issue

FREE SHIPPING if 500 units or under.

$1 an issue after that.